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High Speed Update

by Troid at 5:12 PM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 33

Not much to say this release. I guess I usually have a lot longer to think of something interesting to write in these release posts.


High School Arc

by Troid at 12:12 AM

Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 32

And we’re back with more gigolette adventures. No triple release this time, but the next two or three chapters should be out in a much shorter time frame than usual.

I want to say a (belated) big thank you to the TLC-er who was been helping out with the past several chapters. This pace of releases wouldn’t be possible without them, and of course, without the original TL.


Triple Release

by Troid at 11:34 AM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 29

Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 30

Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 31

For no particular reason, here is a YuriCam triple release. Volume 4’s actual story arc begins next chapter, if you were wondering.


Time Flies

by Troid at 2:07 PM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 28

Chapter 29 is already cleaned and will be out Soon™.


YuriCam Double Helping

by Troid at 11:38 AM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 26

Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 27

Believe it or not, today we have not one but two new chapters to release. This concludes the third volume of YuriCam. Keep an eye out for volume 4 releases coming soon!


The Cornerstone of Yuri

by Troid at 10:06 PM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 25

February, May, same difference. Stay tuned for the release of chapter 26, it will be sooner than you’re probably expecting!


DV Awareness

by Troid at 1:28 AM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 24

Chapter 25 should be released sometime this February. As mentioned previously, chapters 26+ have translations, but I really really really want some help in the form of a solid TLC on those scripts. Please let me know if you’re interested in helping out.


Sub-2 Turnaround

by Troid at 6:23 PM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 23

Thanks to /u/, we have rough translations for YuriCam through the end of the series! I’ll be releasing the three-ish chapters which have already gotten a TLC in short order. For the rest, we could use a dedicated proofreader/TL checker with strong Japanese knowledge to go over the translations. You can find info on the contact page if you’d like to get in touch. Rough TLs are linked here.

Oh, and also Scape-God was finished at some point while the website was down.


Beary Christmas

by Troid at 2:27 AM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 22

I can’t apologize enough for the glacial pace of new chapter releases. But I’m afraid I can’t do much about it — we need staff, particularly a dedicated translator or two, maybe an extra proofreader. By dedicated, I mean willing and able to give a quick turnaround each time a new chapter comes their way in the pipeline — that’s the only way we can release quickly. Please see the contact page if you’re interested in helping out.

Hope you enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year.


It’s a Bug, Not a Feature

by Troid at 10:55 PM

Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 18 V2

After its long stay in limbo, this chapter was accidentally released with an older version of the script containing certain accented dialogue. That dialogue has been, er, corrected. Please find the updated chapter download above.