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Beary Christmas

by Troid Thursday, December 22nd 2016 at 2:27 AM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 22

I can’t apologize enough for the glacial pace of new chapter releases. But I’m afraid I can’t do much about it — we need staff, particularly a dedicated translator or two, maybe an extra proofreader. By dedicated, I mean willing and able to give a quick turnaround each time a new chapter comes their way in the pipeline — that’s the only way we can release quickly. Please see the contact page if you’re interested in helping out.

Hope you enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year.

7 Responses to “Beary Christmas”

  1. Juan says:

    Welcome back, Yurika!

  2. Ash says:

    Even a glacier is still moving, and that chapter was simply glorious.

    Thanks for making the holidays even better dood.

  3. Herman says:

    Well, it’s better late than never, I’m a fervent follower of this manga and I would like to ask you permission to continue your translation but in Spanish … Greetings and I’ll be waiting for new capis of this crazy yuri … hahahaha

  4. Marghie says:

    Thank you very much for continueing this, is true, even a glacier is still moving, so this is amazing!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    I don't know any japanese translators… but ganbatte and thank you very much for the effort, even in this difficult situation!!! woooo new chapter woooo!! :DD

  5. Bhaal says:

    TYVM for the new release, I agree with Ash, even if this move at the speed of a glacier, as long you don’t drop it we will keep waiting with patience for every chapter.
    BTW, now Yurika is a Lady-bear killer?
    Who want to bet Tooru-san is a girl inside and that’s why (s)he is starting to develop feelings for Yurika?

  6. KurumiNightmare says:

    Hello it has been quite a while since this release, are you guys still working on the ch23 or?

  7. simone says:

    New chapter when? :C

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