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The Shape of A Heart

by Troid at 4:35 AM

I Want to be Honest Chapter 3

Asagi Ryu demonstrates once again a simple truth that is all too often forgotten: there can never be too many fluids.

The link for Scape-God 4 has been updated. In response to a couple of questions about what help Payapaya is still looking for, we could use a few good QCers and/or editors. Get in touch if you want to do either. If you’re a translator and interested, you could try dropping us a line and we’ll see.


Speade & Cuality!

by AudioErotica at 3:13 AM

Scape God Chapter 4

It’s back!

Status updates:
Fu Fu – waiting on the tankoubon release.  (Yuri Hime’s thin paper makes for DUST EVERYWHERE!)
I Want to be Honest – Needed a complete re-edit so that is happening now
Scape God – Chapter 5 is half way done.
Sisterism – waiting on raws.
YuriCam – waiting on translations.