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Sisterism 29 We are alomst there…nuuuuuu!

by WingedMessenger at 3:39 AM

Sisterism 29

We are running around like busy chickens with our heads cut off to bring you these beautiful yuri scanlations. Hooray for motivation! And boo to Sisterism ending so soon.


Shimaism Returns

by AudioErotica at 5:11 AM

Sisterism 28

We are looking for staff for positions and projects.  We are especially in need of experienced Quality Checkers, and Translators.  New Editors and Proofreaders for our R18 and ecchi series also welcome.


Sisterism 29: Editing
Sisterism 30: Proofread, waiting to be edited
Sisterism Final Chapter: Waiting for scanning
Sisterism – Bonus Chapter: Waiting for scanning

Fu~Fu 12 – 17: Dirty raws scanned from Yuri Hime for translation *Joint with Dynasty*
Release date for the Tankoubon is 4/18 – Chapter 18 is the final chapter

Scape-God 5: Final QC
Scape-God 6: Final QC
Scape-God 7 (final chapter): Scanned, waiting for translation

Twinkle Saber NOVA 4: Proofreading
Twinkle Saber NOVA 5: Scanned, waiting for translation

I Want to be Honest 5: Scanned, waiting for translation
I Want to be Honest 6 (final chapter): Scanned, waiting for translation

Yurika’s Campus Life 5: Translating

Alice Quartet 8 (final chapter): Editing

Yuru Yuri Doujinshi -Ane Chu Chu: Scanned, waiting for translation

Assistant Denki Keika 8: Scanned, under review by a potential Translator


This is One Intense Title Page

by Troid at 12:30 AM

I Want to Be Honest! Chapter 4

In the fourth chapter of IWtBH, we learn the only way an Asagi Ryu work can possibly be made wetter. Enjoy!

News: YuriCam has a translator. However, Payapaya is still looking for staff for many of our projects – translators, proofreaders, editors, and QCers. We are taking over two new series from Horobi no Michi, Transistor Teaset and Fujieda Miyabi’s Twinkle Saber Nova. If you’re interested in working on either one of these series, or helping out with any of the positions listed above (for example, Assistant Denki Keika needs a translator), please get in touch with us!