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Now Hiring Site Designer

by Weetzy at 1:20 AM

Sisterism Chapter 24

Sisterism Chapter 25

WordPress hates me. We need a new theme. Here, have some Sisterism.



by Weetzy at 6:58 AM

Sisterism 21

Sisterism 22

Sisterism 23


AE Note:  We are working on a better Word Press interface (theme) but until then release posts will be a little Spartan.

If you are knowledgeable at building WP themes and would like to be paid in random yuri otaku goods, let us know.  Our current designer is super lazy so we kinda need the help… we want to be pretty!!!




Please excuse the minor technical difficulties…

by Weetzy at 4:56 PM

Sisterism Chapter 20

Scan: Kuro

Translate: Dagger

Edit: Troid

Proofread: AudioErotica

Quality Check: Weetzy




Payapaya is back! Well, now that we’re done with that craziness, have some Sisterism. There will be more soon, don’t worry. Maybe next release, I’ll say more, but this interface is acting strange. I don’t like it.


Status Update

by AudioErotica at 12:07 PM

Well, as you can see we are working to get the site back up, more details are below the project status update. 

Alice Quartet
Extra – Editing

Assistant Denki Keika
Still on hold waiting for a translator.

I Want to Be Honest
3 – QC
4 – Translating

4 – Translating
5 – Editing
6 – Proofreading
7 – Translating

20 – ready for release
21 – Final QC
22 – QC
23 – QC
24 – Editing
25 – Proofreading

Wife & Wife
Waiting on tankoubon release for better scans.

Yuri Shoujo
Negaigoto Hitotsu – Editing

Yurika’s Campus Life
4 – Editing
5 – Translating

From here on out releases will be direct download only.  As always, you can read and download our releases on the Dynasty Reader.

So here is what happened… in bullet points:

  •  My laptop died (No scans or backup files.)
  • Our hosting suspended then deleted our account. (No access to the Project Manager, no email, no raws, no edits and no releases.)
  • Paypal blocked Mediafire so Mediafire downgrades my account. (Limited access to the backup raws and releases.)

All of this happened in the span of about 10-12 days last month.  This just goes to show you that even with your files backed up, several methods for contacting members and multiple online storage places, Murphy’s Laws will still rule your ass when you least expect it.