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Who are we?

Payapaya Scans is a scanlation group that works on yuri manga. We do oneshots and series from a variety of authors, including Amano Shuninta, Fujieda Miyabi, and Minamoto Hisanari, and the occasional yuri doujinshi. We occasionally pick up new series from yuri anthologies, or new works published by some of our favorite authors. Our goal is to make sure the world is never short on high-quality yuri manga to read!

What is scanlation?

“Scanlation” means we take scans of manga, translate the Japanese text to English, then clean the manga raws (including thorough cleaning and redrawing of art obscured by SFX) and typeset them in English. The process involves several staff positions — scanner, translator, proofreader, editor, and quality checker.

What is our rehosting policy?

Excluding the Dynasty Reader, any manga readers or other sites who wish to rehost our releases should wait 24 hours after their release before uploading them, and must give credit to Payapaya Scans (including our credits page as part of the chapter). Under no circumstances may our releases be distributed for profit.

Our releases can be found immediately on this site and on the Dynasty Reader, so use the RSS feed here or notifications on Dynasty if you want new chapters fast!

Can you use our resources?

Our raws (scans) are not publicly available, nor are the scripts produced by our translators. However, we are typically willing to provide raws and scripts upon request to other scanlation groups who wish to do scanlations in a language other than English. If you are such a group, you may use our English translations as long as you give credit to Payapaya Scans and to the translator (see the credits page of the release in question). We ask you to contact us first — that way we can provide you with raws and scripts.

One thing: if you’re going to request our raws, please actively use them! We don’t want to provide our raws to another group just to have them sat on.

Interested in helping out?

We are sometimes in need of new members to help us with the various tasks that go into transforming dusty gray Japanese magazine pages into a lovely English release.

  • Translators are responsible for translating every bit of text in a chapter, from sound effects to dialogue, and producing a polished English script, so strong knowledge of both languages is a must.
  • Editors do all the tasks that are sometimes split between been “cleaners” and “typesetters” — they level, clean, redraw, and typeset as necessary to produce the finished product.

If you are interested in being an editor or translator for Payapaya, please contact us. If there is a yuri doujinshi or series you’re interested in seeing scanlated, and other staff is interested in working on it, you may be able to get it off the ground by being its editor or translator!

There are two other less intense, but no less important, positions: proofreaders, who review the translator’s English script to correct typos and make changes for improvement, and quality checkers, who look at the edited/typeset chapter to catch any mistakes, making sure the chapter is up to our standards before release. If you’d like to help out in one of these positions, again, please contact us.

If there’s a particular series you’re interested in, check the posts under News & Things to see what the current series are and if any are in need of staff.