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Sisterism END

by Troid at 1:36 PM

i_want_to_be_honest_5_04Sisterism Volume 2 Extra

For real this time. Yes, after all this time we’ve finally run out of Sisterism chapters to edit! Sad to see the series go, but I enjoyed the ride. If you still haven’t had your fill of Sisterism, there is a line in the volume 3 omake that hints at a continuation!


Two More for Yuru Yuri

by Troid at 1:51 AM


Yuru Yuri Chapter 29
Yuru Yuri Chapter 30

We cobbled together the spare parts left over from four groups and about a hundred different editors, and here we have the finished products, Yuru Yuri chapters 29 and 30.

Dynasty also released chapter 28, and you can read it over there.