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by AudioErotica at 4:29 PM

GirlSanctuary-1I Want to Be Honest 7 – Summer after Summer

Here is the final (we mean it this time) chapter of I Want to be Honest.  Thanks to the reader that pointed out we missed it!

As usual we are looking for staff for the following projects:

Series that need dedicated editor(s) and translator(s):
  –   Comic Lily/Comic Lily Plus (We’re currently working on Madoka & Mei’s Secret Workshop.)
  –  Twinkle Saber NOVA

Series that need Translator(s):
Scape-God (We have a partial script for the final chapter.  Please help us finish this series!)
–  Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian
–  Transistor Teaset
–  Philosophia (Amano Shuninta doujinshi)

We would also like to do Asagi Ryuu’s Vampire Girl Black Lily if we can get staff for it.
(Disclaimer: it has 1 chapter of futanari but we have an editor for that chapter.)


YuriVampireSeries that need Editor(s):
Yurika’s Campus Life
–  Assistant Denki Keika (Warning: Male trap het side couple.)

Series Status: 
Madoka & Mei’s Secret Workshop 1 (editing)
YuriCam 7 (editing)
YuriCam 8 (editing)
YuriCam 9 (translation)
Wife & Wife 14 (editing)
Wife & Wife 15 (done)
Wife & Wife 16-18 (have scripts and a dedicated editor!)


Another Series Down

by Troid at 8:34 PM


I Want to be Honest Chapter 6

Here’s the final chapter of everyone’s favorite dripping wet porn manga. That’s two series wrapped up in two weeks—not bad!

Speaking of series we’d like to finish, if you are interested in assisting us with editing Yurika’s Campus Life, please get in touch so we can get some more chapters done. There really cannot be enough editors for this series, since many of them seem to be swallowed by the void, so don’t hold back! There are a number of translated chapters just waiting for an editor brave enough to work on them.

We’re also looking to start working on Transistor Teaset, and we just need someone interested in translating that series to get the ball rolling—we have someone willing to edit already. Again, please contact us if you want to help out.


Wet Girl Porn, Part 5

by Troid at 7:15 PM

i_want_to_be_honest_5_04I Want to be Honest Chapter 5

This release brings us one step closer to finishing another series. IWtbH, Sisterism, and Scape-God all have just one more chapter left before completion! Also, fingers crossed for some site improvements in the near future~


This is One Intense Title Page

by Troid at 12:30 AM

I Want to Be Honest! Chapter 4

In the fourth chapter of IWtBH, we learn the only way an Asagi Ryu work can possibly be made wetter. Enjoy!

News: YuriCam has a translator. However, Payapaya is still looking for staff for many of our projects – translators, proofreaders, editors, and QCers. We are taking over two new series from Horobi no Michi, Transistor Teaset and Fujieda Miyabi’s Twinkle Saber Nova. If you’re interested in working on either one of these series, or helping out with any of the positions listed above (for example, Assistant Denki Keika needs a translator), please get in touch with us!


The Shape of A Heart

by Troid at 4:35 AM

I Want to be Honest Chapter 3

Asagi Ryu demonstrates once again a simple truth that is all too often forgotten: there can never be too many fluids.

The link for Scape-God 4 has been updated. In response to a couple of questions about what help Payapaya is still looking for, we could use a few good QCers and/or editors. Get in touch if you want to do either. If you’re a translator and interested, you could try dropping us a line and we’ll see.