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Sub-2 Turnaround

by Troid at 6:23 PM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 23

Thanks to /u/, we have rough translations for YuriCam through the end of the series! I’ll be releasing the three-ish chapters which have already gotten a TLC in short order. For the rest, we could use a dedicated proofreader/TL checker with strong Japanese knowledge to go over the translations. You can find info on the contact page if you’d like to get in touch. Rough TLs are linked here.

Oh, and also Scape-God was finished at some point while the website was down.


The WTF am I reading Yuri Alien God Battle Manga!

by AudioErotica at 11:54 PM
ScapeGod-1Scape-God Chapter 6

More Goat-god silliness!  Only one more chapter to go which leads me to BEG YOU TO HELP SAVE STRAY YURI SERIES!!!

We have a few series that are stalled out because we need translators to finish them and other series that just need good homes to go to.

If you are a translator or group looking to only do a chapter or two we could use your help to finish Scape-God, I Want to Be Honest and Amensian (yes, we have interested staff for that series… still).

We are also looking for long term translators or other groups that would like to work on the following series:

Yurika’s Campus Life
Assistant Denki Keika
Twinkle Saber Nova
All above series have HQ raws and many of them have dedicated editors.  We are hoping that if any other groups are interested they strongly consider taking in the staff from our group that want to work on those series.

TIL WordPress hates Chrome…

by Weetzy at 5:24 PM

urlScape-God Chapter 5 

I was going to put the first page of the chapter as the post picture, but it kind of contains a major spoiler, so I put this old thing up instead. There are only 2 more chapters after this one, so naturally, it ends in a cliffhanger. Enjoy the wait for the next chapter. *Insert evil laugh here.*


Speade & Cuality!

by AudioErotica at 3:13 AM

Scape God Chapter 4

It’s back!

Status updates:
Fu Fu – waiting on the tankoubon release.  (Yuri Hime’s thin paper makes for DUST EVERYWHERE!)
I Want to be Honest – Needed a complete re-edit so that is happening now
Scape God – Chapter 5 is half way done.
Sisterism – waiting on raws.
YuriCam – waiting on translations.