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The Impossible Gigolette!

by Weetzy at 5:08 PM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 17

Yurika faces her most difficult challenge to date. Will our favorite gigolette get her girl, or will she end up on the street? This is the second to last chapter in Volume 2!


Edit: It seems we missed a line on page 163. The chapter download has been updated, or you can grab the corrected page here.


I was told there would be Yuricam?

by Weetzy at 11:00 PM

Yuricam-2-043Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 12

We’re all out of cake, but we do have another chapter of Yuricam for you! It’s just as tasty but it’ll leave you happy longer. Oh, and there’s plenty to go around, so you don’t have to share, unless you want to.


Dream on! More Yuricam for your entertainment.

by Weetzy at 7:51 PM

Yuricam-2-023Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 11

What crazy shenanigans are going on in this chapter? Is Yurika actually going to give up her gigolette ways? It’s the start of a brand new arc with lots of new characters.

We are still looking for a translator for the final chapter of Scape God, and for our new series, Madoka and Mei’s Secret Workshop. If you’re interested in translating for us, contact Troid.


Don’t look at me like that!

by Weetzy at 9:11 PM


Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 10

Ok, on second thought, you’re absolutely adorable Casanova-san. Make all the funny faces you want. We all agree: the faces in this chapter are the best part. There’s a lot more to look forward to. Thanks to the new staff, this series is moving right along. Here’s the first chapter of Volume 2! Enjoy!


Look Out!

by Weetzy at 1:11 PM

YuriCam-1-169 Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 9

This is the last chapter of Volume One. We all love this series, right? Crazy antics, awesome faces, lots of lesbians. What else could we ask for? More!

Okay, here’s the deal: we have a translator and an editor raring to go, but we’re short a few staff members.  We need a couple dedicated proofreaders and quality checkers to get this series going. If you’re interested, comment below. Don’t let this be the last chapter!


TIL WordPress hates Chrome…

by Weetzy at 5:24 PM

urlScape-God Chapter 5 

I was going to put the first page of the chapter as the post picture, but it kind of contains a major spoiler, so I put this old thing up instead. There are only 2 more chapters after this one, so naturally, it ends in a cliffhanger. Enjoy the wait for the next chapter. *Insert evil laugh here.*


Wolf x Rabbit

by Weetzy at 12:39 AM

Nagaigoto Hitotsu (A Small Wish) [one shot]
by Mitou Kana

Here is a cute little one shot from Yuri Shoujo 2!

Troid says: Since the bizarre calendar-like front page doesn’t have any obvious place to put links, I’d like to remind everybody that all of Payapaya’s releases can be found here, and on the Dynasty Reader!


Now Hiring Site Designer

by Weetzy at 1:20 AM

Sisterism Chapter 24

Sisterism Chapter 25

WordPress hates me. We need a new theme. Here, have some Sisterism.



by Weetzy at 6:58 AM

Sisterism 21

Sisterism 22

Sisterism 23


AE Note:  We are working on a better Word Press interface (theme) but until then release posts will be a little Spartan.

If you are knowledgeable at building WP themes and would like to be paid in random yuri otaku goods, let us know.  Our current designer is super lazy so we kinda need the help… we want to be pretty!!!




Please excuse the minor technical difficulties…

by Weetzy at 4:56 PM

Sisterism Chapter 20

Scan: Kuro

Translate: Dagger

Edit: Troid

Proofread: AudioErotica

Quality Check: Weetzy




Payapaya is back! Well, now that we’re done with that craziness, have some Sisterism. There will be more soon, don’t worry. Maybe next release, I’ll say more, but this interface is acting strange. I don’t like it.