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TIL WordPress hates Chrome…

by Weetzy Sunday, March 3rd 2013 at 5:24 PM

urlScape-God Chapter 5 

I was going to put the first page of the chapter as the post picture, but it kind of contains a major spoiler, so I put this old thing up instead. There are only 2 more chapters after this one, so naturally, it ends in a cliffhanger. Enjoy the wait for the next chapter. *Insert evil laugh here.*

5 Responses to “TIL WordPress hates Chrome…”

  1. ~shewolf~ says:

    Thank you for the release…
    Another series ending? D’aawww… and ending with a cliffhanger to top that off…
    Yeah, we’ll wait patiently for the next chapter, mwahahahah *Joins you in evil laugh.*

  2. TeruMoko♥ says:

    People are laughing. Evil laughing.
    Oh well, *Joins in the evil laughter*

  3. Tatsuonna says:

    Thanks for the release – had a feeling a twist was in the offing… ;)

  4. Sol Falling says:

    Haha, what the heck is going on in this story. Since it says the next chapter is the end of “Part 1”, does the series really completely finish in 2 chapters? Anyway, thanks for the release; this was pretty interesting.

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