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It’s a Bug, Not a Feature

by Troid Friday, June 19th 2015 at 10:55 PM

Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 18 V2

After its long stay in limbo, this chapter was accidentally released with an older version of the script containing certain accented dialogue. That dialogue has been, er, corrected. Please find the updated chapter download above.

7 Responses to “It’s a Bug, Not a Feature”

  1. Obo-chama says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. IHH says:

    Much better than the v1, thanks for the fix.

  3. Nebelwerfer says:

    Thanks for the chapter,
    please continue :v / .

  4. Anon says:

    Can you give any info about when you release next chapter? This series is gold. Love it.

  5. Marghie says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter!!! this series are amazinnnggg LOL

    You web is so cool also :D


  6. Seo says:

    Amazing work as usual. Thanks for the reupload and please, please, please stick with this series!

  7. Snowy says:


    I just wanted to say thanks so much for your hard work in subbing this manga. When there’s bullshit controversy about who gets to sub Shokugeki no Souma and Nanatsu no Taizai you don’t know bow heartening it is that people are still willing to stick to their true form instead of chasing profits as seems to be the trend.

    YuriCam is without a doubt the funniest manga I’e read in months. Thanks so much for your continued efforts! I understand that it takes time to get these projects done, but know that your fans are behind you 100% of the way!

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