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YuriCam Intensifies

by Troid Saturday, September 6th 2014 at 12:55 PM

Yuricam-2-064Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 13

I volunteered to edit a chapter of YuriCam for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. And now you get to enjoy reading it. And there will be even more YuriCam to enjoy soon!

6 Responses to “YuriCam Intensifies”

  1. ammy says:

    Yurika is such an awesome character -I love how she always manages to turn around the situation^^ Thanks for your hard work!

  2. StrangePerson says:

    *reads last panel page 71*
    (Anderson’s voice) Well, you know what time it is!

    *reads panel 3, page 77*
    (Shao Khan’s voice) Prepare to die.

  3. Juan says:

    Yes, Yurika. Is. AWESOME.

  4. ray=out says:

    That gigolette pose always cracks me up. Thanks for the new chapter!

  5. Wulf says:

    Thanks for the new chapter

  6. TeruMoko♥ says:

    Gasp! What’s going to happen now? Yurikan has to battle at such a disadvantage? What a revolting face! Don’t make me go Yagami-san on you! It will end in nothing but lily flowers as far as the eye can see! hehe.
    Yay thanks!

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