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YuriCam a.k.a. the manga of 100 fonts

by WingedMessenger Monday, September 9th 2013 at 12:35 AM

YuriCam-1-107Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 6

Yurika really likes her tea.~

Actually Yurika’s Campus Life has about 16 fonts to keep track of. Making it a pain in the neck to typeset. We don’t use Wild Words for everything because we believe that in not what the mangaka intended.

Also, if anyone is brave enough to replace me and receive proper coaching to edit YuriCam, please so say. It also helps if you have some experience in editing manga.

Wingy wants an underling.
Till next time.

12 Responses to “YuriCam a.k.a. the manga of 100 fonts”

  1. Marik says:

    Not found on the server.

  2. svines85 says:

    Very cool, thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  3. Shizuma94 says:

    Thanks for this chapter!!! <3

  4. StrangePerson says:

    The legend of the gigolette continues!

  5. random says:

    Yesss… let the Dark Side flow through you Yurika…

  6. Sayo says:

    I know exactly what you mean about the fonts. You think you have it all planned out, and then 100 pages into the book they use one you’ve never seen before. For one sentence.

  7. Sakuma says:

    Will you continue this till the end? I wish I get better at reading japanese.

  8. Ixca says:

    we are a fansub which aims to translate Yurikam to the Spanish, so we would like to help you edit it, so you can fast forward with this incredible project.
    Could you send me an email if you are interested in?

  9. Kasha says:

    Can we expect chapter 7? When? :)

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