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The WTF am I reading Yuri Alien God Battle Manga!

by AudioErotica Wednesday, May 1st 2013 at 11:54 PM
ScapeGod-1Scape-God Chapter 6

More Goat-god silliness!  Only one more chapter to go which leads me to BEG YOU TO HELP SAVE STRAY YURI SERIES!!!

We have a few series that are stalled out because we need translators to finish them and other series that just need good homes to go to.

If you are a translator or group looking to only do a chapter or two we could use your help to finish Scape-God, I Want to Be Honest and Amensian (yes, we have interested staff for that series… still).

We are also looking for long term translators or other groups that would like to work on the following series:

Yurika’s Campus Life
Assistant Denki Keika
Twinkle Saber Nova
All above series have HQ raws and many of them have dedicated editors.  We are hoping that if any other groups are interested they strongly consider taking in the staff from our group that want to work on those series.

14 Responses to “The WTF am I reading Yuri Alien God Battle Manga!”

  1. sayuri says:

    Tnx guys~
    btw try posting the series up on yuriproject
    some of the regular anon translators might be
    happy to help out~ ^w^

  2. TeruMoko♥ says:

    Did this series just go serious?
    What the ever living hell? Oh well, it’s fun no matter the flavor.

  3. onyhow says:

    Hmm, will you continue with Wife and Wife?

  4. Yuri Girl 100 (Fly by Yuri) says:

    After thinking about it for a bit, I would like to become the translator for “Yurika’s Campus Life” starting as soon as I finish the one-shot I’m starting no (should be by next Saturday). I won’t take over the project, but if you an editor and other staff for it, I would be happy to translate it. I already have all five volumes, so I would only need the raws if you are working from the magazine copies.

    What do I do now?

  5. unc15 says:

    I TL. I’ve already tl’d Ch 5, 6, 7, 8 and will be doing 9 in the next few days for Yuricam. They are all sitting on my HDD. xD

  6. unc15 says:

    I work for Renzokusei scans, but they are slow with the cleaning/editing/rd’ing of SFX. i wouldnt mind doing a joint. we release on batoto though

  7. veraya says:

    I can help editing Yuricam if you’re short on hands ;)
    I should handle some manga English ;)

  8. Dark says:

    There seem to be some willing translators for Yuricam. Please continue with the releases :)

  9. rjawee says:

    thanks a lot

  10. rjawee says:

    how about Assistant Denki Keika

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