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Yuri Is Old News, Long Live Yaoi

by Troid Tuesday, April 2nd 2013 at 3:44 AM


We at Payapaya have finally realized the error of our ways, and switched over full-time to scanlating yaoi. We’ll be working extra hard to make up for all the time we wasted doing yuri series! Please look forward to lots of bara and all kinds of other yaoi releases.

Sisterism 31 [END]

It says “end,” but there are two bonus chapters from the previous volumes plus one omake left to release.

If you’re interested in translating Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian, we’re looking to resume work on that project. Get in touch through whichever method of communication suits you best.

25 Responses to “Yuri Is Old News, Long Live Yaoi”

  1. nnatr says:

    Yuri fans are very flexible! Dicks will be a lovely change of pace.

  2. zergl says:

    Just so old fellow! I believe it is the general opinion of most yuri fans of taste and class that what the genre really needs to get out of its rut is dicks, dicks everywhere! Crusty, inflexible purists of a previous age no doubt will claim that such innovation is uncalled for, nay, counter to the spirit, but that just shows them up for the fools they are. Discretely point, and chortle!

  3. auriga says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  4. n-n says:

    I love yaoi But I love Yuri More

  5. mnmega says:

    I hope the bonus chapters have a more satisfying conclusion.

  6. candy76041820 says:

    Hey! Switching to 801 is not of my business, but translating yuli is ABSOLUTELY NOT WASTE OF TIME!
    (BTW, what about those remaining chapters of Sisterism? Don’t tell me that’s dropped?)

  7. TRMshadow says:

    What a lame last chapter. Thanks for everything anyway! I’ll be sure to stick around for some of your other series!

  8. iyomi says:

    there are so many good yaoi scanlation groups but so little yuri!!!!
    oh well c.c

    good luck in the progress :-)

  9. KoishitheLovingGourmet says:

    Where am I? a Yaoi bar?

  10. Nephtys says:

    Nice April’s fool, guys ! :p
    You’ll scanlate Yuri forever and ever and ever and ever and… You can’t help it ^^
    Anyway, thanks for your hard work !

  11. thanh says:

    OMG , you make me freaking scary .

  12. Kyub says:

    GOSH! This chapter sux! It doesn’t matter how many times I read it, it still sux. Really sad how Yoshitomi finished it.

    Anyway, thank you Paya²! Waiting those extras! * _*/

  13. Overlord-G says:

    Weird finale. Then again, the entire manga was weird, in a good way.

  14. nyaaaaaaah says:

    not into yaoi not looking forward.. STILL YURI!!!

  15. cgnf says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  16. ~shewolf~ says:

    You really almost had me there… April fools can really make you go wild~
    Thanks for the release. Not the ending I had in mind but, oh well, we’ll just wait for the bonuses… ^_^

  17. Sol Falling says:

    Haha. I, for one, at least did definitely enjoy the last chapter. The other yuri couples are enough for me (especially Mai and Sakura-chan) so I don’t mind Sisterism ending off with its signature comedy. Thanks for the chapter!

    I will (probably) be looking forward to your resumption of Amnesian, would help out if my Japanese was at a bit of a higher level…and that was a terrible April Fool’s joke there, lol, good thing the tags were already up there at the left.

  18. StrangePerson says:

    I both await and shiver at the thought of Amnesian being finished.
    Not knowing much of japanese I still looked at the last few chapters, and what I’ve seen leads me to believe the cake is probably a lie

  19. dd says:

    Hey guys I was wondering if you are planning on finishing the scanlation for Yurika no Campus Life.


  20. iyomi says:

    i come back to see if i get a reply ,maybe an explanation and then this ? -.-
    kinda cruel makin yaoi look like a joke but ok :P

  21. Rizzy says:

    whaaat! I was so sure I’m looking for yuri manga, and then. geez. You got me there for a minute. XD

    I don’t hate yaoi, but I don’t like it either.

  22. rjawee says:

    when the next Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian ch

  23. phyrigia says:

    wohooo…! I’d love to read yaoi! Long life yaoi! what makes you changed from Yuri to Yaoi?

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