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White Goldfish Donuts!

by AudioErotica Friday, August 30th 2013 at 10:02 PM

2Twinkle Saber NOVA Activity 4

From the Tsundere Translations vaults here is more Twinkle “the bottomless pit” Saber!

We need a dedicated translator and editor for this series in order to continue this series as it has been bouncing around between groups for some time.  Please contact us if you are interested!

3 Responses to “White Goldfish Donuts!”

  1. Juan says:

    Thanks _so_ much for picking this up! I’d given up hope.
    It’s like “Alice Quartet” with battle suits.

  2. Skarlath says:

    Thanks for the release!

    I had tried my hand at releasing this manga in HF-Yushy after Tsundere Translations disbanded, but the my translator disappeared, and it was pretty badly done now that I compare the two together. While I’m unable to help out, I sincerely hope that things work out on your end so that you’re able to continue releasing this series!

  3. Sloth says:

    thanks a ton guys for this release so glad to see this series get finished. i as well had almost given up hope of ever getting to finish it

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