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Rare Raws Release

by Troid at 11:18 AM


Wife and Wife – 10th Anniversary Act 1

As you may have guessed, Payapaya Scans is largely defunct, as we simply ran out of people able to volunteer their time to scanlation. If we ever get translations, I would still be willing to finishing editing our releases of YuriCam, but in any event, we do have a new release of sorts today. This is a 10th anniversary book for Wife and Wife released by the original author, Minamoto Hisanari, at the end of 2019. I found out about it a few months ago and resolved to import and scan a copy (the Melonbooks link is still active!). Since there’s no one here to translate this, I’m uploading it in hopes it can be translated elsewhere.

Act 2 hasn’t materialized by the May 2020 date promised in this book, but according to Minamoto on Twitter, it’s still in the works. If that does get released, I’ll definitely try to acquire and scan it.


The End of Fu-fu

by Troid at 1:09 AM


Wife and Wife Chapter 18

And so we’ve finally reached the end of Wife and Wife. I’m going to miss this series! That concludes my release spree and meets my goal of finishing before the new year! Hope you enjoy the last chapter of flirty wife and wife antics.


Rapid-fire Fu-fu

by Troid at 4:46 PM


Wife and Wife Chapter 17

Two days between releases? Not bad, if I do say so myself. I still can’t believe there’s only one chapter left!


High-speed Fu-fu

by Troid at 3:43 PM


Wife and Wife Chapter 16

As promised, here’s some more Wife and Wife for you. My goal is to finish this series before the new year, so wish me luck!


Yuri Overdose

by Troid at 3:31 PM

wife_and_wife_14_16 - Copy

Wife and Wife Chapter 13
Wife and Wife Chapter 14
Wife and Wife Chapter 15

It’s funny — I originally joined Payapaya to help work on chapters of this series (to proofread, in fact, not edit). I never got a chance to, but now, over a year later, here I am, editing Wife and Wife.

As it stands now, Payapaya is once again responsible for all the remaining chapters of the series, 13 through 18, which leaves just three chapters until the end. I’m already working on chapter 16, so expect more releases of fluffy Fu~fu goodness soon!