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Lesbians on Motorcycles End

by Troid at 10:01 PM


Madoka and Mei’s Secret Workshop Chapter 5

I mistakenly announced this after chapter 3, but this chapter is the last of MadoMei because the anthology in which it ran, Comic Lily, was cancelled. Alas, we will never see the continuing misadventures of the psycho little sister.


Crazy Little Sister Spin-off When?

by Troid at 6:43 PM


Madoka and Mei’s Secret Workshop Chapter 4

Here’s the first of the last two chapters of Madoka & Mei.

Two YuriCam chapters are in the works!


Madoka & Mei Double Release

by Troid at 6:37 PM


Madoka and Mei's Secret Workshop Chapter 2
Madoka and Mei's Secret Workshop Chapter 3

These two chapters sadly conclude Madoka and Mei, due to the Comic Lily anthology it ran in ultimately being canceled. Two more chapters left!

In other news, things are moving on YuriCam volume 3 as well as (finally!) the last chapter of Scape-God. Thanks go to our usual YuriCam translator as always, as well as a new translator who knocked out these Madoka and Mei chapters and then the text-heavy Scape-God.

We’re always looking for dedicated staff for various projects. If you want to help with translation, editing, or quality checking, please see the contact page.


New Series!

by Troid at 4:27 PM


Madoka and Mei’s Secret Workshop Chapter 1

 We’re pleased to bring you the first chapter of a new series, Madoka and Mei’s Secret Workshop! If you like the chapter and think you might be interested in helping us work on the series, get in touch. We need a translator for Madoka and Mei, and we are also in need of a translator to do the 7th and final chapter of Scape-God so we can finish that series.