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by AudioErotica at 6:41 AM


Here are two more /a/ translated chapters this time from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid Life Advance (Vivid Life volume 2).

Memory 02
Memory 05

Plus a chapter and short special  from Vivid Life volume 1.

Memory 07
Special 04





UPDATE:  The credits page for Memory 02 has been updated and is now safe for all viewers!NanoFateFan


Standby, ready!

by AudioErotica at 12:54 AM

00001More Vivid Life from /a/ and /u/.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha VIVID LIFE volume 1.

Memory 01
Special 06

Thank for the raws and you can thank the TL anon in any Nanoha thread on /a/ or /u/.


Takamachi Anniversary Love!

by AudioErotica at 7:30 AM

2-1Here are two quick scanlations to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nanoha’s first season!
Special thanks to the anon translating these one-shots on /a/ and /u/ and to for the raws.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha – Comic a la Carte: A Cold Night’s Average Meal
by Daisuke Takino


Magical Girl Lyrican Nanoha – VIVID LIFE Advance – An Incident on an Early Afternoon
by Nekoutofu




When Does Yurika Find Time to Study?

by AudioErotica at 3:41 PM

YuriCam-1-147Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 8

Most of our staff is in school and unlike Yurika we just do not have time for extracurricular activities.  We need staff that has a little extra free time and would like to see more delicious yuri releases from us!


More Campus Life for Finals Week!~

by AudioErotica at 6:03 PM

YuriCam-1-127Yurika’s Campus Life Chapter 7

A BIG thanks and warm yuri welcome to admiralBaka for volunteering to edit YuriCam and finishing this chapter for Winged Messenger.  THANKS to both of you for working on this challenging series!!!

We are still looking for a translator to finish the last chapter of Scape-God so we can have a conclusion to the series.


UPDATE: Page 146 has been fixed in the DDL or you can grab the page here.




by AudioErotica at 4:29 PM

GirlSanctuary-1I Want to Be Honest 7 – Summer after Summer

Here is the final (we mean it this time) chapter of I Want to be Honest.  Thanks to the reader that pointed out we missed it!

As usual we are looking for staff for the following projects:

Series that need dedicated editor(s) and translator(s):
  –   Comic Lily/Comic Lily Plus (We’re currently working on Madoka & Mei’s Secret Workshop.)
  –  Twinkle Saber NOVA

Series that need Translator(s):
Scape-God (We have a partial script for the final chapter.  Please help us finish this series!)
–  Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian
–  Transistor Teaset
–  Philosophia (Amano Shuninta doujinshi)

We would also like to do Asagi Ryuu’s Vampire Girl Black Lily if we can get staff for it.
(Disclaimer: it has 1 chapter of futanari but we have an editor for that chapter.)


YuriVampireSeries that need Editor(s):
Yurika’s Campus Life
–  Assistant Denki Keika (Warning: Male trap het side couple.)

Series Status: 
Madoka & Mei’s Secret Workshop 1 (editing)
YuriCam 7 (editing)
YuriCam 8 (editing)
YuriCam 9 (translation)
Wife & Wife 14 (editing)
Wife & Wife 15 (done)
Wife & Wife 16-18 (have scripts and a dedicated editor!)


FOUND: 2 Yuru Yuri Chapters

by AudioErotica at 8:30 PM

Yuru Yuri Volume 3Yuru Yuri Chapter 26
Yuru Yuri Chapter 27

So… I was doing some digital cleaning and stumbled across quite a few abandoned scanlations from the various yuri groups I’ve worked for.  Some were dropped because of licensing (that never happened, I’m looking at you J Manga) while others just seemed to have stalled out due to lack of interest or the anthology running the series was canceled.

We’re going to try to get as many of these partial works completed and released for you.  Please note that these releases DO NOT constitute our group picking up any these series or anthologies unless we explicitly state that in the release.

Example:  We are not picking up Yuru Yuri – Bakkin is doing the series and they are in the process of re-scanlating all of the chapters from the volume raws (currently on chapter 9).


White Goldfish Donuts!

by AudioErotica at 10:02 PM

2Twinkle Saber NOVA Activity 4

From the Tsundere Translations vaults here is more Twinkle “the bottomless pit” Saber!

We need a dedicated translator and editor for this series in order to continue this series as it has been bouncing around between groups for some time.  Please contact us if you are interested!


The WTF am I reading Yuri Alien God Battle Manga!

by AudioErotica at 11:54 PM
ScapeGod-1Scape-God Chapter 6

More Goat-god silliness!  Only one more chapter to go which leads me to BEG YOU TO HELP SAVE STRAY YURI SERIES!!!

We have a few series that are stalled out because we need translators to finish them and other series that just need good homes to go to.

If you are a translator or group looking to only do a chapter or two we could use your help to finish Scape-God, I Want to Be Honest and Amensian (yes, we have interested staff for that series… still).

We are also looking for long term translators or other groups that would like to work on the following series:

Yurika’s Campus Life
Assistant Denki Keika
Twinkle Saber Nova
All above series have HQ raws and many of them have dedicated editors.  We are hoping that if any other groups are interested they strongly consider taking in the staff from our group that want to work on those series.

Shimaism Returns

by AudioErotica at 5:11 AM

Sisterism 28

We are looking for staff for positions and projects.  We are especially in need of experienced Quality Checkers, and Translators.  New Editors and Proofreaders for our R18 and ecchi series also welcome.


Sisterism 29: Editing
Sisterism 30: Proofread, waiting to be edited
Sisterism Final Chapter: Waiting for scanning
Sisterism – Bonus Chapter: Waiting for scanning

Fu~Fu 12 – 17: Dirty raws scanned from Yuri Hime for translation *Joint with Dynasty*
Release date for the Tankoubon is 4/18 – Chapter 18 is the final chapter

Scape-God 5: Final QC
Scape-God 6: Final QC
Scape-God 7 (final chapter): Scanned, waiting for translation

Twinkle Saber NOVA 4: Proofreading
Twinkle Saber NOVA 5: Scanned, waiting for translation

I Want to be Honest 5: Scanned, waiting for translation
I Want to be Honest 6 (final chapter): Scanned, waiting for translation

Yurika’s Campus Life 5: Translating

Alice Quartet 8 (final chapter): Editing

Yuru Yuri Doujinshi -Ane Chu Chu: Scanned, waiting for translation

Assistant Denki Keika 8: Scanned, under review by a potential Translator